Become a Fully Realized Mystic
in the Sacred Mysteries


Glimpse the Timelessness
between Heaven and Earth


Release the Awesome Power
of Your Imagination


Live in Truth


Supercharge Your Meditation
and Prayer Practice


Mysticism is generally defined as the attainment of hidden truths through human transformation. Primary meaning of the word is to “initiate” or “give first experience of something”. Fully-initiated mystics use contemplation and meditation, spiritual ecstasy, and arcane practices such as those taught in the Secrets of the Mystics Workshop and the imaginization Album to help birth a new world grounded in the kind of love that we all want to receive and so desperately need to give to each other.


New Licensees

imaginization Album

The old Egyptian Mystics possessed secret knowledge about releasing the awesome power of the imagination. Now this sacred wisdom is available as a box set of 4 CD’s along with a pdf of a 48 page booklet so that you can practice  the ancient Egyptian technique of creating and holding mental pictures steady to the inward eye long enough to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch them as if they were real.

Total Relax Album

Thousands of sleep-deprived Americans use the TOTAL RELAX ALBUM to defeat insomnia, reduce stress, and combat light depression. Re-vitalize with Vitality CD. Treat chronic stress and anxiety with Body Healing CD. Sleep like a baby all night with Deep Relax CD or create a soothing soundscape for meditation, creative work, or a therapeutic setting. Deepen your meditation or prayer practice with Ultimate Journey CD.

Super Study Album

Students, teachers and professionals use the SUPER STUDY ALBUM for quantum learning, peak performance and creative flow. Defeat ADHD and achieve laser-like concentration with Focus CD. Learn how to create “mindfiles” with Memory CD. Overcome that “wasted” feeling with Power Nap CD. Go for it as long as you want with Super Study CD.