Become a Fully Realized Mystic
in the Sacred Mysteries


Glimpse the Timelessness
between Heaven and Earth


Release the Awesome Power
of Your Imagination


Live in Truth


Supercharge Your Meditation
and Prayer Practice


James Phillips — speaker, author, and modern Mystic — is the creator of the 8 hour Secrets of the Mystics Workshop and 2 hour Sabkhu: Soul Star Place Lecture which are dedicated to revealing the sacred wisdom of the ancient Egyptian Mystics. Jim’s traveled to Egypt over thirty times and has been mentored by the sedj’dee, the indigenous wisdom-keepers of mystical tradition of ancient Egypt. He’s a graduate of the world famous Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia which focuses on personal experience of higher states of consciousness and has completed the Foundation and Self-Mastery Programs offered by Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

Jim is also the creator of the imaginization Album– the home study version of his Secrets of the Mystics Workshop– and the Total Relax Album and Super Study Albums which use his exclusive Total Mind multi-layered audio guidance system to support listeners in deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep cycles, and laser-like concentration. Visit for more information about Jim and the products his company offers.


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