Become a Fully Realized Mystic
in the Sacred Mysteries


Glimpse the Timelessness
between Heaven and Earth


Release the Awesome Power
of Your Imagination


Live in Truth


Supercharge Your Meditation
and Prayer Practice


imaginization Album (20% discount off MSRP)

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In the imaginization Album, you’ll learn how to supercharge your meditation practice, release the awesome power of your imagination over and over again, and welcome in the “fire of heaven” to torch your old ways of doing and being. You will cleanse your mind and body of negative thoughts, feelings and strong emotions with the Cleanse Mind and Body Exercise. Rejuvenate your source of loving energy with the Living in Truth imaginization. Feel well-protected, present in the here and now, and deeply grounded with the Mother Earth imaginization. Let go of your personal version of “not enough” with the Let Go of Not Enough imaginization. Meet your best friend with the Meet Your Higher Self imaginization and experience the timelessness between Heaven and Earth with the Opening of the Way imaginization.


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