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Super Study Album(20% discount off MSRP)

$45.00 $36.00

Focus CD – Supercharge your concentration and shift into a state of laser-like concentration for studying, using the computer, writing, or preparing for meetings or presentations. | 30 minutes. Sound Effects.

Focus CD Sample Track


Memory CD – Smart students and professionals alike use the Memory CD to memorize data for life. Learn how to create your own mind-files for exams, meetings, or social situations. | 30 minutes. Spoken Word.

Memory CD Sample Track

Power Nap CD – Give yourself a mini sleep cycle and overcome that frustrating ‘wasted’ feeling in the middle of your hectic day. Ideal for relaxation, self-healing, jet-lag and making up for lost or interrupted sleep. | Track One: 10 Minutes Track Two: 30 Minutes. Sound Effects and Spoken Word.

Power Nap CD Sample Track

Super Study CD – Go for it with Super Study CD and work or study with much more intensity for extended periods of time. Positive upbeat music combined with the exclusive Total Mind Audio Technology provides an effective support for quantum learning, peak performance and creative flow. | 42 Minutes. Musical.

Super Study CD Sample Track


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