Become a Fully Realized Mystic
in the Sacred Mysteries


Glimpse the Timelessness
between Heaven and Earth


Release the Awesome Power
of Your Imagination


Live in Truth


Supercharge Your Meditation
and Prayer Practice


Total Relax Album(20% discount off MSRP)

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Vitality CD – Energize yourself with Vitality CD and fight light depression. An upbeat, contemporary, musical composition designed to help you regain your own natural vitality and exuberance. Play at high volume when you need a quick boost of energy. | 44 Minutes. Musical.

Vitality CD Sample Track

Body Healing CD – Defeat stress and communicate with your own immune system. Program yourself for healing and trusting your body at all levels. | 30 Minutes. Spoken Word.

Body Healing CD Sample Track

Deep Relax CD – Thousands of sleep-deprived Americans use Deep Relax CD to sleep longer each night and awake more refreshed. Track One: “Deep Relax into Sleep” gently guides you into deep and refreshing sleep using positive affirmations and an exquisite body relaxation section. Track Two: “Deeply Relaxing Music” uses voice, mantra, over-toning and crystal bowls to provide a soothing soundscape for meditation, creative work, relaxation or therapeutic setting. | Track One: 30 Minutes. Spoken Word. Track Two: 30 Minutes. Musical.

Deep Relax CD Sample Track

Ultimate Journey CD – Deepen meditation and prayer and hear your “little voice” of intuition. Ask questions and receive answers about your healing or anything else you desire! | 30 Minutes. Spoken Word with Sound Effects.

Ultimate Journey Sample Track
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