Become a Fully Realized Mystic
in the Sacred Mysteries


Glimpse the Timelessness
between Heaven and Earth


Release the Awesome Power
of Your Imagination


Live in Truth


Supercharge Your Meditation
and Prayer Practice

Secrets of the Mystics Workshop
Secrets of the Mystics Workshop

The old Egyptian djedi made famous in the Star Wars Movies possessed secret knowledge about releasing the awesome power of the imagination. That secret knowledge was made available to Candidate-Initiates in the Sacred Mysteries who passed seven progressively more difficult initiations and achieved a new birth, a turning away forever from past habits, past ideals, and past actions.

Come to the powerful, entertaining, and interactive eight hour Secrets of the Mystics Workshop to practice the ancient Egyptian technique of creating and holding mental pictures steady to the inward eye long enough to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch them as if they were real. Come to the Workshop and cleanse your mind and body of negative thoughts, feelings and strong emotions with the Cleanse Mind and Body Exercise. Rejuvenate your personal source of loving energy with the Living in Truth imaginization. Become more grounded, more present in the here and how, and more physically and emotionally secure with the Mother Earth imaginization. Glimpse the timelessness between Heaven and Earth with the Opening of the Way imaginization. But, most of all, come to the Secrets of the Mystics Workshop to learn how to become a mystic and help birth a new world grounded in the kind of love that we all want to receive and so desperately need to give to each other.

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